Ruslan Aushev was forced to leave

The election in Ingushetia are over, and the winner is the Kremlin’s protege, Murat Zyazikov. This is the result, and everyone forgot about Ingushetia. Well, there is nothing to remember: Aushev was a public figure, a respectable politician, but what about Zyazikov? Nothing

Speaking about Aushev. The Federation Council voted to take away Ruslan Aushev’s authority as a senator (118 deputies voted for and five against the measure). Aushev announced his decision to leave on April 23, having said that the Federation Council was unable to settle the situation with Ingush people in the Prigorodny district of the republic of North Osetia (ethnic conflict between the people of Ingushetia and Osetia). Furthermore, Aushev claimed that another reason of his going was the actions of the authorities of the southern administrative district, which promoted FSB agent Zyazikov.

Aushev did not manage to become a politician on the federal level; he was not allowed to become one, to be more precise. It was not interesting for Aushev to remain a politician on the regional level. What was the best thing to do? To leave and slam the door. Wicked tongues say that Aushev decided to deal with business, something he is good at, since he made his whole republic an offshore zone. Maybe it is true, maybe not – who knows?

Dmitry Chirkin PRAVDA.Ru

Translated by Dmitry Sudakov

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