Ariel Sharon has been betrayed

The events in the Middle East are changing so fast that it is impossible to follow them sometimes. Yesterday it seemed that Arafat was “pinned down,” but the situation changed totally today. The international scales of “for and against Israel” are now unbalanced in favor of “against.”

At first there was the UN Resolution, which condemned the Israeli aggression, then there was a five-star hotel for Bethlehem from the European Union. It was a box in the ear of the Israeli diplomacy, a blow on Sharon. But the most painful blow came on Sharon very unexpectedly.

Likud, the right Israeli party set out its opinion against the establishment of the Palestinian state. The adequate resolution was passed at the session of the Central committee of the party.

Sharon harshly criticized that decision, he tried to prevent the voting, thinking that such a step would lead to the escalation of the international pressure on Israel to settle down the situation in the Middle East. Pursuant to Likud’s decision, “no Palestinian state can be established on the West Bank, on Israel’s territory and in the Gaza Strip.” Former prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu was one of those, who initiated that decision. It is well-known that Benjamin Netanyahu is Sharon’s basic opponent. Sharon failed to stop the voting, Likud passed the adequate resolution, and Sharon claimed after that that he was going to work “for the sake of the country and the people.”

But it seems that the people have already made their choice. According to the results of one of the latest polls, 63% of Israeli people support the idea of the establishment of the independent Palestinian state.

Sharon is being pressed upon from two sides: from the USA, which is dying in need of the peace in the Middle East, and Israeli right politicians (Benjamin Netanyahu and others), who want Sharon to run a tougher policy regarding the Palestinian administration. So what will Mr. Sharon prefer?

Dmitry Litvinovich PRAVDA.Ru

Translated by Dmitry Sudakov

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