Al-Jazeera: Chechen Mojaheds settled scores with Daghestan who killed Khattab

The Quatar TV company Al-Jazeera, referring to the “statement of military council of Shura” spread in the city of Grozny, reported that the day before, in Chechnya Khattab’s killer was shot. Ibragim Alauri, Daghestan citizen and Avar by nationality, was said to had betrayed the “warriors of Allah” and cooperated with Daghestan security service. That was he who killed Khattab by poisoning him with a letter. The Shura’s military council warned that “Mojaheds’ hands will find every betrayer, wherever he hides himself, and judge him according to Allah laws.” The report about the Daghestan’s execution at once was caught by leading Russian agencies, who quoted the statement of the Shura’s council. The FSB spokesman, however, refutes the report about as if spread in Gorzny in the name of the military council leaflets saying about the execution. At the same time, the FSB Chechen department’s officials do not exclude that the fact of the Daghestan’s murder really could have place. Though, first, these data should be carefully checked up using all possibilities, because they are not of operative character, but only based on “verbal information Chechen citizens exchange with.” Second, it should be find out, whether the executed was really implicated in Khattab’s annihilation.

Sergei Yugov PRAVDA.Ru

RTR-Vesti photograph Translated by Vera Solovieva

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