Israeli terrorists arrested in the USA

Fox News reports today, two Israelis have been arrested in the state of Washington after police detected small explosive parts in their car during just an ordinary check-up. The channel published a sensation of a similar kind in December 2001. It reported then, 60 Israelis were detained on suspicion of espionage and concealing information connected with the Sept.11 terrorism attacks.

Fox News reports, the two Israelis whose names are not published yet, were arrested for excessive speed. During the check-up small parts of TNT and RDX were detected in the car.

A preliminary questioning revealed the arrested men worked as furniture transporters. The incident occurred not far from Whidbey Island Naval Air Station situated near Oak Narbor, WA.

As of now the two Israelis are under arrest and charged with illegal stay in the USA. The FBI, the US Immigration and Naturalization Service, police already joined the investigation.

In December 2001 when Fox News reported arrest of 60 Israelis suspected of espionage, it was said the people were “active agents of the Israeli army or intelligence.” At that, some of them failed polygraph tests when asked about intelligence activity on the US territory. The channel also insists, the US authorities suspect the arrested Israelis of collecting military intelligence before committing the Sept.11 terror attacks and sent the information to the USA.

Fox News also got confidential documents connected with the operation that demonstrate, even before the Sept.11 attacks conspiratorial counterespionage operations were held, 140 Israel citizens were detained or arrested during the operations on suspicion of espionage against the USA. Two of the arrested, chairman of the JDL Irv Rubin and member of the organization Earl Kruger were accused with organizing acts of terrorism against the Fadh King Mosque in Los Angeles and California office of Republican Darrel Issa.

According to the TV company, Rubin and Kruger were arrested on Tuesday evening at the moment when explosive designed for bombs was delivered to the latter’s house. With the explosive the men planned to commit acts of terrorism. The TV company informs, another JDL member, who was at the same time an intelligencer for the US authorities, delivered the explosive.

At that time media and publicity joined the scandal. The US authorities were accused of a new “witch hunting” against Jews to demonstrate unbiased attitude to Muslims. The scandal was hushed up then, but as we see today, not completely unfortunately. It is hard to discern the truth and lie in the case. It may be either a well-considered misinformation, or Jews have probably gone mad as it is not a way to settle the Mideast conflict.

Reaction to the incident is expected to come soon. Especially when we consider influence of the Jewish diaspora on US’s politics and economy. The Jewish lobby is unlikely to swallow it.

Dmitry Litvinovich PRAVDA.Ru

Translated by Maria Gousseva

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