Brazil: financial and entrepreneurial sector gangs together against Lula

One thing is certain: Brazil is eternally divided between its people and its political class, which includes toe five per cent of entrepreneurs who own the 95% of the country’s vast resources, while 40 million people live in abject poverty.

Beatings and threats of violence continue to proliferate in this unjust nation, one whose people have a unique chance to demonstrate their political courage by electing Luis Inacio Lula da Silva, better known to the Brazilian people as “Lula”, of the PT (Labour) party, as the next president in October.

Determined to bar him, despite his leading the opinion polls, are the elite, who fear that Brazil’s wealth will (finally) be redistributed on a more just, and first-world, basis although it is in the interests of the investors of certain foreign nations to keep the status quo, maintained through commissions and a regime of (invisible) political bullying.

Lula currently holds 40% of the opinion polls, with the establishment’s candidate Jose Serra, from the same right-wing party as president Fernando Henrique Cardoso (PSDB, Social democrats) falling behind, some say, into fourth place.

This news was enough to send the financial markets of Sao Paulo into panic, proving that Brazil’s financial and entrepreneurial sector will be prepared to gang together, as usual, to keep a left-wing candidate out of the presidency. What usually happens at this time, shortly before the elections, is that the government party begins to hand out palliatives, hoping that the memory of the people is short.

As the Brazilian people reach a new level of political maturity and realises that it is the people who have the final say as to whether or not they want to be stakeholders in the administration of their country, the Brazilian plutocracy sees its megalomaniac, greedy stranglehold over Brazil’s resources and people threatened.

It remains to be seen whether or not the people of Brazil have the courage to put Lula in the “Palacio do Planalto”.


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