Bank raid and kidnapping without robbers or hostages

The French like to pride themselves on doing things with style and in a different manner from everyone else. Even bank raids.

Police marksmen surrounded the bank within minutes of an employee having given the alert: there were armed robbers in the building and everyone was being held hostage. Police sirens screamed outside and blue lights flashed. The special police squadron RAID readied itself to blast their way into the branch of Fortis bank in Montrouge, near Paris.

When the initial fury had died down, the police waited quietly, listening for a sound from inside the bank. Silence. A powerful microphone was directed towards the building. Silence. It was discovered there was a microphone inside the branch, which was tapped in to. Silence.

Carefully, the police marksmen crept up to the door, opening it and bursting in. The building was empty. Moving systematically through the rooms, they found the back door was open.

The employees had escaped through it when the robbers were in the front room. The robbers, noticing that their hostages had got away, used it as an escape route.


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