Death in the Netherlands: Popular Culture Defined

In a progressive culture like the Netherlands, with such lax attitudes towards death, I find it surprising that a nurse is being charged in the deaths of fourteen. The woman, who apparently forged her nursing certificate, killed mainly infants and the elderly on a five year killing spree. I am amazed that the Dutch, who are one of the most enlightened (I used that term in a derogatory manner) are even pressing charges.

The Netherlands has broken new ground in defining what is the beginning and end of life. With assisted suicide, a legal and accepted method of ending a life, eliminating the young and elderly seems to be the next rational move. After all, they are the ones who are the greater burden to society, right? Wrong.

A quarter century of moral morass has left the perceptions of right and wrong in the gutter, bypassed by a type of nihilism where anything goes. It gets to the point where we have to ask ourselves if the Dutch "nurse" was performing works for the greater good, or if they were just criminal actions.

Another case involving Dutch morality, excuse me, the lack of Dutch morality, in the news is that a polarizing politician, Pim Fortuyn, was murdered by an animal rights activist. Again we have to ask the question, who is correct here?’ One side will state that the murder was a vicious act performed in cold blood. The other side will state that it is cruel and unusual punishment to have animal farms where poor and defenseless animals are murdered for their fur. It seems to me like Mr. Fortuyn was pretty defenseless when his assassin decided that his morality was on higher ground that his target.

The point is that a country cannot tread in the brackish water of moral relativism. Careful thought must be given to any issue that appears to move the moral compass in a direction away from the Biblical definition of good. The promiscuous values in the tulip laden country have created a society in which death is a technical procedure instead of a passage controlled by God.

Over the decades, the anything goes attitude has prevailed to a point where we are now looking to clone humans, discarding fertilized embryos along the way. But wait, in the murky dish water of the new morality, it is not wrong to kill a life, no matter how young or old. Perhaps common morality will come to the defense of the Dutch woman and she’ll get off because the Netherlands does not want to tread on, or legislate morality. And while you’re at it, why not let off the guy who killed Mr. Pim Fortuyn.

Stephen A. McDonald

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