The establishment of the Asian alliance

There is the idea to set up an alliance with the participation of Russia, China, India, and Iran, but there are several things that are not clear in this respect. For the time being, this issue is considered only in theory, but its establishment totally depends on the politics of the European Union and the USA.

The major obstacle in the way of creating such an alliance is the absence of a common ideology between the mentioned countries. This is what Washington believes. There is the religious power in Iran. Something similar to communism is left in Russia after the break-up of the USSR. China worships Mao’s ideas. The experience of the ideological power in Russia and China resulted in the fact that these countries are looking for new ideologies. It is impossible to imagine the society of only one ideology in India. Thus, such an alliance cannot exist. Russia has its problems in Chechnya and China, in its northwestern territories, i.e. in those areas where Muslims live. India cannot solve the Kashmir problem. If there is a war with Pakistan, then which side will Tehran take? This is not clear. Even if Iran remains neutral in such a war, then there is still one question: what is the goal of such an alliance?

Here is another obstacle. There is one Chinese person for every six people living on this planet. The number of Russians doubles the number of Iranian nationals, where there are only 70 million people. The three countries, with the exception for Iran, possess nuclear weapon and can launch satellites. The production of defense technology in these countries is not comparable with Tehran’s opportunities. Russia is one of the leading supplier of arms. The volume of commodity circulation between Beijing and Washington exceeds $60 billion, whereas this index reaches only $3 billion between Beijing and Tehran. The number of population and markets of Russia and Iran can never satisfy the Chinese. Oil and gas reserves in Iran are not of strategic importance to China and India, since none of them borders on Iran, and Russia is not in need of foreign deposits of energy carriers.

There are also political and international obstacles. The Asian alliance will raise concerns for Europe and Japan, which will result in their alliance with America. London will strengthen its position, and its role in the EU is growing. The Taiwan problem is still unsolved. America’s military presence is increasing in Central Asia and in the Caucasus. The West will support Pakistan and will play on the side of Chechen terrorists. Finally, this will be the best time for Israel. This is only a part of what America and Western countries dream of. None of the would-be members of the Asian alliance want this.

Tehran believes that the significance of the Asian alliance is its long-term perspectives. This will be an organization that will be much more powerful than both the Warsaw Pact and NATO. The appearance of the new force will lead to the fact that the states that are situated beyond the region will leave Asia. All the conflicts that were provoked by those states will be solved. The new alliance will have considerable oil, gas, and labor resources and a huge territory. Furthermore, the historic and cultural past and the common roots of the four states can reject the ideological factor. The four countries have big differences from the point of view of their state structure, but they all stick to one opinion regarding international problems, and they have contradictions with Washington.

European countries have to realize that they have to treat the Asian alliance as their brother, and not their opponent. This alliance will struggle with terrorism, provide reliable security on the vast territory of the Asian continent, and create favorable conditions for European investors: the conditions for the Asian and European civilizations to move closer to each other.

There is another relevant detail. As experience shows, even enemies can unite sometimes, if they face a common danger and forget about their discrepancies. All these four countries are on this list. There is a question in this connection: if Americans follow through with their threats, even on a least against one country, will there be a guarantee that they will not continue their actions? The fear of a nuclear war, of the return of the Cold War period, is not precarious, of course, but the nuclear powers have been doing their best to prevent such a war. However, we all have to bear in mind that such a war is possible after all. It is quite possible that a group of crazy people will come to power in any of those countries; they will think that their enemies are weak and strike first.

If America and Asia oppose each other, the split between the USA and Europe will gradually disappear in America’s favor. Europe will find itself under the pressure of London and Washington in the case that an Asian alliance appears. The European countries will reach out their hands towards Americans as a result of such pressure, trying to preserve the integrity of the EU. Therefore, hostility between East and West should be avoided. There is the impression that the Asian alliance will actually destabilize the situation instead of being in opposition to America’s threats. These threats are not a joke, so it is necessary to talk about the establishment of European and Asian cooperation. This cooperation will embrace more countries, and it could be aimed against terrorism, poverty, fascism, and drug trading. The role of the UN also has to be reconsidered. This organization is supposed to carefully control the observation of democratic principles in different countries. Superpowers are not supposed to interfere in the activity of the UN.

The European Union is the best guarantee for peace and security. Europe can take the leading position, and the Asian countries will help it. Global ecological problems, the huge gap between the poor and the rich, these are very serious dangers for humankind.

S.Porsi Especially for Iran.Ru in the Persian language

Translated by Dmitry Sudakov

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