Pim Fortuyn’s Death…Who’s Martyr Is He Anyway?

It is unfortunate news when any person gets killed for the ideas they harbor. But perhaps it is a darker day when the death will be used for a social and political agenda. Pim Fortuyn, an openly gay Dutch politician, had more than a few enemies. He will most certainly be canonized a martyr, but for what cause? Homosexual rights? The Euro-right-wing? Anti Immigration?

His strong views on immigration led to populist support that would have gotten him perhaps 20% of the vote in the upcoming general elections. Similar to Jean-Marie Le Pen, who recently lost to Jacques Chirac in a landslide vote, Pim Fortuyn struck a chord with the common Dutchman. The greater statement is of the rise of the far right to positions of prominence around Europe. Russia, France, the Netherlands, and Austria have all seen their far-right movements come to power. Will this only embolden their stance, and ultimately their continued rise to power? Probably.

The question is not which group(s) will claim him as a martyr, but rather who will do it first. Strolling around the web this morning, I see that several media outlets have already suggested that he was killed because he was homosexual.

The gay rights movement is taking the unenviable step of being the first to claim an agenda. In Matthew Shepard style, which the homosexual community is still dragging around to this day, Mr. Fortuyn’s death will make great headlines. Perhaps the killer, now known as a German, is a spurned lover, and the killing was revenge, Versace style, if it is, will never hear about Mr. Fortuyn’s homosexuality again. Should the killer have other motives, the murder will take on tremendous overtones of hate violence- never mind Pim Fortuyn’s excessively polarizing political stance.

The list of those who Pim Fortuyn was on the wrong side of is long and complicated. The Muslims couldn’t stand him as he described their religion as backward. Immigrants hated his rhetorical speeches about the Netherlands being “full”. In the aftermath of this senseless killing we will see not only who the killer is, but also who is willing to use this slaying for furthering a political agenda.

Stephen A. McDonald Bigtreenews.com

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