Pink Fuzzy Monsters and Kofi Annan. Sesame Street explains Foreign Policy

I find it difficult to take Kofi Annan seriously these days. I keep having visions of pink fuzzy monsters in my head. Sweet songs are filling the background. A strange lack of choreographed moves fills the scene as pink fuzzy figures gyrate before my eyes. Imagination? No.

The Secretary General of the United Nations has been making a series of television appearances on a popular children’s television show called “Sesame Street”. With all of the real and pressing issues in the world, I find it hard to believe the Secretary General has time to be frolicking around the screen with a bunch of pink puppets. Perhaps that explains why the United Nations is having problems seeing the truth through a maze of Arab lies about the events that really happened in Jenin. As the Secretary General listens to the concerns from children’s puppets, I find the parallel strangely similar to those of Yassir Arafat. Mr. Arafat is a puppet of terrorists who are also vying for Mr. Annan’s attention to propagate their anti-Israel stance.

As Mr. Annan enters a high stakes poker game with Israel over the admission of United Nations fact-finding teams into the Jenin refugee camp, he is red faced over the fact that Israel will not allow the inspection team to enter the areas. Israel has stated that the teams will bring a trial like nature to any type of work that is performed. If we can use that United Nation’s actions over the past few months as a syllabus for action, we know that they’ll be doing the two-step with the Palestinian leadership. As the UN fronts some of the most vitriolic speech about Israel, it is a good assumption that the conclusions of any fact-finding team will be enmeshed with the goals of the Palestinian cause.

It is our hope that the United States will back the Israeli cabinet for the bold move to protect its sovereignty. This is an important day in history as Israel stands up for its national rights as a state. The UN has overstepped its boundaries numerous times, and a confrontation like this has been fermenting for quite some time. Israel is the only state on the planet that has the chutzpah to stand up to the United Nations, and they will be made the enemy of the civilized world for it. Good for Israel. It would be a strong message to the world if the United States were to stand adjacent to Israel in the madness.

As Mr. Annan flanks himself by pink fuzzy monsters calling for “conflict resolution” and a way “to work things out together”, we would like to see that come to fruition. Indoctrinating children in the specious ways of the United Nations is no way to create an agenda- it would be more helpful if Mr. Annan was to use truth and justice as an example for the youth of our time.

Stephen A. McDonald

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