Democrats offended: There were no massacres!

To be honest, I cannot remember when Adolf Hitler was born. Actually, I have never taken an interest in it. After all, is it so important? Both me and millions of my compatriots have nothing against forgetting the birthday of this monster. Though, in early spring, all democratic mass media decided to fill a gab in our knowledge and daily reported to us that that important event took place April 20. At the same time, the name of Hitler was certainly connected with movement of so-called “skinheads” who had appointed massacres all around Russia namely for this day. The day before April 20, my neighbour Tatyana came to me more dead than alive of fear and said a massacre was expected tomorrow in the central market, while the day after tomorrow – in Kachinsk Market. Tatyana learned this piece of information while shopping. “Everybody says,” – Tatyana noticed about the source. Poor people! Within 10 years of democratic lie they should have got accustomed to everything and learned to grasp what is white and what black. Though, they still believe it. Was it long ago, that we were threatened with malicious Pamyat (Memory) party headed by Vasilyev, replaced later by 100 thousand militants of Barkashov, as if only waiting for a signal to start an attack? Afterwards, all Russians were called “red-brown” by some rascal Proshechkin who seems to be still proud of his neologism. While recently one more scoundrel Koch (ex-deputy minister of state property) while being in the US defamed all our country. And now – “skinheads” and Hitler. While the democratic press itself seems to have acted according to principles of Joseph Goebbels: the more lie there is, the easier one believes in it. Today, when we all can see that there were no massacres in any Russian city, when democratic hysterics has became silent, we should clear up who was interested in it and who organized it. After all, this stir was aimed for not warning the society about some danger, but for creation of this same danger. Millions of Russians learned about the “skinheads” only from that reports of democratic press. Even respectable governmental Rossiyskaya Gazeta devoted the whole type rage to the day of April 20 and entitled its report “The brown march.” According to its authors, nobody can say now, how many nationalist organizations there are in Russia, though they exactly know that 99 percent of them consist of 3-5 people. One person often belongs to several organizations. According to the Main Office of Domestic Affairs, only in Moscow, nationalist groups possess at the minimum 3,000 active militants; moreover, about 30 thousand other people who live in the capital are in some way connected with extremist organizations. The newspaper also reported about self-organization of some mysterious movements, while confusing from some reasons “nationalism” and “nazism.” The article is sometimes similar to an instruction how to create an underground organization, but not to an analysis of the phenomenon itself. Moskovsky Komsomolets newspaper which supposedly incorporated his correspondent into a “skinhead” organization even concludes that “that youth are teenagers organized by extremists and prepared by police instructors for massacres.” Therefore, the idea is suggested to the society that special services are behind the “skinheads.” So, whose special services? It looks like that are foreign special services who have been always interested in propagation of Russia as enemy of the whole world. As a confirmation of that dirty work, there is a letter as if written by “skinheads” and sent to embassies of many countries in Moscow. According to the text of the letter published by the newspaper, it becomes clear that its author is an English native speaker. Indeed, youth criminality took a large scale in the country. Its roots should be searched for in today’s policy of the reformers, which caused homeless children and left youth without any prospect, as a result: despair and aggression. While this aggression is aimed not only against “black and coloured,” but against Russians, too, who are being killed in the streets of our cities even more often than people of other nationalities. Here, nationalism is out the question. Endless increasing of prices, indignity of Russians in their own country make youth to protest. Therefore, the April action’s aim could be seen clearly: to smirch and to suppress any protest as an extremist one. It should be noticed that namely these days, a bill about fight against extremism is being introduced to the State Duma. And Russian people armed with a bitter experience know they will be guilty again.

Vitaly Cherkasov PRAVDA.Ru Volgograd

Translated by Vera Solovieva

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