Seven terrorist acts committed on Friday in the US

In the US, again terrorist acts have been committed. As for their scale, they are thankfully much smaller than those of September 11. However, they were many, which is suspicious.

Explosive devices were placed into mail-boxes. The devices were pieces of tubes filled with explosives with 9-volt batteries attached to them. In total, eight such devices were found. The unknown terrorist added included anti-government leaflets with the bombs: “To all interested persons. Mail-boxes are blown up! You ask why? If the government controls everything you want to do, so it controls all your possibilities. I draw your attention to this issue in the only way accessible for me. Soon, additional information will follow.” The bombs were put in such way that they could work only while opening the boxes. As a result, mainly postmen suffered from this. Five people were injured, though their lives are happily not of danger. It is not known if such surprises might be found in the mail boxes of US citizens, though postmen are really frightened.

So far, there are no reports about similar cases and whether they are being spread all over America. The bombs exploded in two states – Illinoise and Iowa, though in different cities. A spokesman for the FBI reported domestic terrorism is the most probable. It looks as if this is the case. Taking into account the text of the letter, the terrorist is a psychopath with pursuit mania. All the more that sending bombs through mail is a phenomenon typical for the US. Therefore, in 2000, Chinese Li Shikan sent bombs to three doctors, who could not cure him of his venereal disease, through the mail.

However, the latest terrorist acts remind US citizens of the September 11 terrorist acts. What was the real reason for these terrorist acts, only an investigation can tell.

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Translated by Vera Solovieva

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