Russian parliament leader doesn't think Jackson-Vanick amendment will vanish before Russian-U.S. summit

There is small chance to abrogate the discriminatory Jackson-Vanick amendment in Russia's respect before a bilateral summit, due in Moscow toward the month's end, said Speaker Gennadi Seleznev of the State Duma, the Russian parliament's lower house, as he was talking to newsmen on the Carnegie Endowment headquarters. He substantiated his expectations by reference to his negotiations with Congressmen on a current Duma delegation visit to the United States. US-Russian commercial and economic contacts ought to be thoroughly updated, insists the parliamentary leader. Moscow will host a Russo-EU summit within the month, and the European Union appears likely to recognise the market status of the Russian economy quite soon, said Mr. Seleznev as he called the USA also to make such recognition. The Duma Speaker made reference to Radio Liberty broadcasts for the North Caucasus. If Russia sees the company is instigating interethnic strife, legal action will be taken against it, he stressed. It will start with a warning. If it does not work, broadcasts for Russia may be eventually banned. "I don't know who may benefit with such controversies," remarked the MP. Will the Duma be quick to ratify an updated START if Russia and the USA sign it soon, a reported asked him--to which Mr. Seleznev jocularly said: "We shall leave the first say to the US Congress not to be fooled once again."

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