Deadly arguments against Arafat

After releasing the Ramallah prisoner, the situation in the Middle East seems to have changed, and probably in favor of the latter. Yesterday’s show of Arafat (his appearance before the public) was considered by Arabs as the sign of coming victory over Israelis. Crowds of people came to greet their leader, so their leader did not fail to live up to their hopes. Yasser Arafat, while standing on an improvised rostrum, accused the Israelis of racism. Afterwards, the PNA leader prayed for the Palestinians who fell victim in the Intifada and renamed the city of Jenin to the city of Jeningrad, probably by analogy with the city of Stalingrad. Afterwards, he participated in the restoration of a building of the Palestinian administration and departed, having found his mission a success. If he only had known that the day of his triumph will be the day of his defeat!

The Israelis, after having recovered from their embarrassment, immediately caught the initiative: in the mass media, information appeared that there had been no massacre in Jenin. As if equipment fixed on a big pilotless aircraft recorded on a video tape a staging of fake funeral in Jenin Palestinian “film directors” were shooting. This documentary film will be shown at a press-conference that will be held by Israeli Foreign Minister Shimon Peres.

The creators of the documentary film, while not limiting themselves to the events in Jenin, conclude that the Palestinian lie industry financed by the many-million Arab community works in full effect. In other words, the shots of Palestinian militants and civilians’ death demonstrated by Al-JazeeraTV company are false.

I can neither deny this information nor confirm it, though, if the shots were false, why didn't the Israelis admit UN inspectors, journalists, and human rights activists to Jenin? They probably really have something to hide from the world community. However, if this assumption is wrong, Israelis fell into their own trap.

The scandal in the mass media was the first alarm signal for Arafat. While the second was the arrest of Marvan Barghuti. The FATH leader, while being interrogated, admitted that the head of the Palestinian Autonomy personally approved of terrorist acts against Israelis.

Forty-one-year-old Barghuti was caught by the Israeli military on April 15 in Ramallah. Since that time, the special services have been interrogating him almost round the clock, with some short pauses for sleep. According to the Israelis, Barghuti admitted that he had in detail instructed terrorists regarding the attacks. Afterwards, Barghuti received the final "ok" from Yasser Arafat, because all costs were covered by the Palestinian leader from his funds. Barghuti’s confession seriously injured Arafat’s image, as well as the publications about false victims. If even this is only propaganda and there are real victims and Barghuti was beaten in the prison unmercifully and was ready to admit to anything that was demanded, it still cannot save Arafat.

Arafat’s reputation in the West is already ambivalent, so after all these events, many people will more easily make their choice. In Europe, voices are growing louder demanding to cancel the EU embargo against Israel. The reason is clear: this damages not only Israeli economy but the economy of Europe as well. As for the US, both Houses of the Parliament passed a resolution on Thursday supporting Israel. The resolution in particular reads that the US and Israel are involved in a joint fight against terrorism and they condemn the terrorist acts of the Palestinian suicides.

The Bush administration tried to stop the passing of this resolution supporting Israel, being afraid that such a resolution would damage efforts for the peace process in the Middle East.

Saturday, Ariel Sharon arrrives to the US with his new plan on settling the situation in the Middle East. Washington has to do an impossible thing: to reconcile Israel and the UNO and to rehabilitate itself before the Arab world as for its support of Israel in UN Security Council. Washington has to to sit simultaneously in two chairs. The above-mentioned documentary film and the FATH leader’s evidence will make this construction more stable. However, who knows?

Pain, terror, blood, and death - all these are instruments in exprerienced hands. You should yourself decide what is a lie and what is the truth. Dmitry Litvinovich PRAVDA.Ru

Translated by Vera Solovieva

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