Arafat admitted defeat in Jenin. So did Palestinians

Siege of the Palestinian prisoner, that lasted for a month already, is over: Israel withdrew the troops from Ramallah on the West Bank.

The troops’ withdrawal became possible due to an agreement according to which six Palestinians accused of assassination of the Israeli Tourism Minister were removed to a jail guarded by the US and British servicemen. Together with the executors of the terrorism act organizers of the action, financier Fouad Shubaki, who organized arms smuggling on Karine-A vessel, and PLO leader Ahmed Saadat, are also to be delivered to a jail in Jericho.

Arafat delivered six of his people in exchange for freedom of movement, but the freedom is more dangerous now for Arafat than the siege in Ramallah, as Arafat is not equally supported by his followers. Arafat himself does not perceive any approaching menace, he considers the liberation as the God’s sign and makes his public appearance as triumphant as possible. reports, a numerous crowd of Palestinians came to greet Arafat. In response, the Ramallah prisoner flashed a V-for-victory sign to cheering supporters. Besides, he also demonstrated a gesture of ancient Romans, his right thumb was up. A 72-year-old leader was supported under the arms by several assistants, who brought him to a motorcade standing nearby for a triumphant departure.

Arafat was smiling, and the crowd shouted in English: “With our spirit and our blood, we will redeem you, oh Arafat.”

In an interview with reporters of the world news agencies Yasser Arafat strictly criticized the Israeli, he called them “racists” because of the Jenin events.

Investigation of the Jenin events is going on very hard: a UN commission that failed to start operating, was disbanded, as Israel’s demands concerning work of the commission proved inadmissible. The world will hardly ever know what in fact happened in Jenin, Palestinians themselves are eager to come in handy for this.

Early on May 1 an official spokesman for the Palestinian administration told journalists, according to information available for the Palestinian leadership, 56 local citizens were killed in the Jenin anti-terrorism operation, Sem40 news agency reports.

The Palestinian side does not comment upon the fact whether the killed people put up an armed resistance to the Israeli soldiers. Obviously, it is done on purpose, as the PA leadership insists that armed resistance to “an occupation army” is a legal right of the Palestinian people.

The number of victims reported by the Palestinian side practically corresponds to the number reported by Israel, 51, on April 29. Thus, Palestinians admitted, accusations in Israel’s address were false. It is not clear however, how it is connected with a so-called “victory” of Arafat.

Dmitry Litvinovich PRAVDA.Ru

Translated by Maria Gousseva

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