May Day in Ukraine. Still considered to be great holiday

Seventy three percent of the Ukrainian adult population decided to celebrate the May Day, the day of international workers’ solidarity. Information was provided by the sociological service of the Ukrainian center for economic and political research after Alexander Razumkov. The poll was held among 2,000 respondent from all regions of Ukraine within the period of April 18-24. At the same time, as the poll revealed, less than one third of the questioned (31,8%) consider the May Day to be a really great holiday, and 41,2% say it is an ordinary official holiday.

Majority of mass demonstrations and ceremonial processions are expected in the eastern part of Ukraine: 87,5% of the population plan to celebrate the holiday (at that 40,4% of them consider the event to be a really great holiday and 47,1% - an ordinary one). The number of people planning to celebrate the May Day in the western part of Ukraine is twice as less: 44,7%; only for 8,1% of the Western Ukrainian population it is a great holiday.

The central and southern parts of Ukraine demonstrated the following attitude: the May Day is treated as a great holiday by 34,1% and 37,5% respectively, and as an ordinary holiday by 39,2% and 38,1% respectively. The poll revealed, age factor is really very important for estimation of attitude to the May Day. People over 60 make up almost a half of those who consider the May Day to be a really great holiday, and youth makes up only 20%.

Alexander Gorobets PRAVDA.Ru Kiev Ukraine

Translated by Maria Gousseva

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