Serbian politicians who purchased tickets to the Hague are determined to win

The President of the former republic of Serbian Kraina (in Croatia), Milan Martic, is going to yield to the Hague Tribunal. Rosbalt news agency reported that this was informed by spokesmen for the Serbian and Montenegrin Ministry for Justice.

Martic confessed that he personally ordered to shell military objects in Zagreb (Croatian capital) in 1995. He explained his action, saying that it was necessary to save the Serbian citizens in Croatia from genocide on the part of tens of thousands of Croats. The former president of Serbian Kraina is certain that he will manage to prove himself not guilty in the Hague.

Martic recollected the details of that operation in his interview to the Belgrade newspaper Nedelni Telegraf. Croats started exterminating Serbian citizens in the area of Western Slavonia as those citizens that were leaving Serbian Kraina for Serbia and for the Serbian Republic in Bosnia. Croats killed over 500 Serbs on the first day of the operation, and the people killed were basically women and children. The leaders of Serbian Kraina with Martic at their head were trying to prevent Croatian aggression and to use the mediation of the representatives of the international community, but their attempts were spent in vain. That is why it was decided to take counter-measures against Zagreb. The ex-president said that there were about ten shells launched on the first day and a bit less on the second day. Martic believes that it became possible to save the lives “of not less than ten thousand Serbs,” since the Croats agreed to let them go to the Sava River.

The former Yugoslav Vice Premier Nikola Shainovic also purchased a ticket to the Hague. Shainovic decided to yield to the Hague, and he believes (like Martic) that he is innocent and is going to prove that at the trial (Shainovic is indicted for ethnic cleansing in Kosovo). We would like to mention here that former chief of the Yugoslav headquarters Dragoljub Oidanic also decided to go to the Hague. Oidanic became the first of the senior politicians of Serbia (wanted by the Hague Tribunal) who decided to surrender to the Hague prosecutors. Oidanic stated that he is not guilty and that his conscience is clear. Two prime suspects, Radovan Karadzic and Ratko Mladic, are still free, and they are not going to surrender. Only six people (of the total number of 23 wanted by the Hague Tribunal) announced that they would go to the Hague and would not wait for their arrest. Some of those people will probably be set free, as the Hague judges have to show their “objective” and “unbiased” position to society.

Sergey Yugov PRAVDA.Ru

Translated by Dmitry Sudakov

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