Xinhua agency: Israel repeats crimes of the Nazis

“Nations of the world cannot forget the cruel torture and murder of the Jews during World War II. However, what is happening now on Palestinian soil shows that the activities of the Israeli government do not differ in the slightest degree with those of the previous torturers.” This comment was published by the Xinhua agency.

“Innocent civilians are being killed; men are being arrested; houses are being destroyed; and women, children, and the elderly are being deprived of home, food, and water,” – the article reads. “Today’s humanitarian catastrophe before which Palestinians stand now is nothing but the continuation of the Israeli policy of collective violation and retribution for individual extremist activities of some Palestinians against Israel. Israeli troops use tanks to destroy the houses of Arabs, to annihilate forests, to block roads, and to isolate entire villages.

This forces pregnant women give birth to children directly in the streets, while patients die in the streets because they have no assess to hospitals. The Israeli government violated international law and the principles of human rights. While trying to break the Palestinians’ will to resist the illegal Israeli occupation, the Israeli government cannot understand that the more cruel it is towards Palestinians, the more their hatred of Israel grows. Finally, Israel might find itself in a worse situation regarding its security. If the Israeli government does not stop its despotism, it will cover itself with eternal disgrace.”

Andrei Krushinsky PRAVDA.Ru Beijing

Translated by Vera Solovieva

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