White Africans on trial for attempt of revolt

Today the Supreme Court of the Republic of South Africa located in Bloemfontein starts hearing of the case on organization of an armed revolt with a view to bring “white” government to power in the country.

Basic charges have been brought against brothers Michel and Andre du Toy and Jacob du Plessi. The people are organizers and inspirers of the revolt. The rebellious organization consisted of some 4,000 people all about the country. They planned to create a crisis situation in the country (organize actions of terrorism, cut off energy and water supply), that could be further incriminated to the South African Muslim or Jewish communities.

The crisis period would be very convenient for capture of military bases, weapon and ammunition storehouses, prisons, hospitals, mass media, financial institutions and largest supermarkets. The action was designed as a measure to establish order and legality. The revolt’s concluding stage supposed expulsion of all black people and people of Asiatic origin to the province of KawZulu Natal. It was planned further to separate the province from a new “white” state. Or it was also suggested, those people were to be removed to the neighboring African countries.

However, a detailed scheme failed when plotters tried to involve a colonel from the South African air forces in the scheme. The man informed police and state security authorities of the preparations.

Investigation of the “plot case” lasted for several months, the court starts hearing only now.

It is known perfectly well that many white people are displeased with the fact that the government is black. Over the period of Apartheid regime, when white people were in a privileged position, many of them got used to the subordinate position of the black population. Then, it was not a surprise, the white population felt as if their rights were infringed upon with coming of black government to power in the country. Despite all appeals of the first black president of South Africa Nelson Mandela to be more racially tolerant, many Africans think black people are to be revenged upon for dozens of humiliation years. Certainly, the South African government does not share this point of view. But over the past years white citizens of the country prefer to retire from state establishments. And those black colleagues who remain in the office, are not so much experienced for governmental work that is of great importance for the country. A month ago the South African government even asked the retired white officials to get back to service. Economic state of the country aggravates the situation even more. Some sources inform, about half of the population are unemployed. Majority of them are blacks, who failed to obtain good education and professional skills over the Apartheid period to get good work nowadays. So, the incumbent government has got enough problems to be settled besides the plotters.

No doubt, the hearing is to be really very scandalous. Indeed, any topic in South Africa is closely connected with the problem of white-black relationship. Vasily Bubnov PRAVDA.Ru

Translated by Maria Gousseva

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