$100 billion, and Egypt is ready for war with Israel

The violence of the Israeli army in Jenin and Bethlehem caused yet another outbreak of anti-Israel protests. Mass protests and meetings in support of the Palestinian people were held in many Arab states. In a word, the process has reached a critical point; very soon it will go beyond control. Even “loyal” Egypt, which had been expected by the USA to contribute to the Mideast "settlement," joined in the anti-Israel protests. Egypt had concluded a peace treaty with Israel some time ago; very likely it is sorry that it did. Sem40 news agency informs that Egyptian Prime Minister Atef Ebeid has announced today that the country is ready to wage war with Israel if other Arab states provide $100 billion for war expenses. This was his answer to the question of journalists of whether or not Egypt would take actions against Israel.

The prime minister was also asked why Egypt still keeps diplomatic relations with Israel. The answer was, “I say that we need $100 billion. Let the Arab world give $100 billion of the Arab funds available around the world, and give the money to Egypt for war.”

Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak criticized the Israeli operation in the West Bank, especially in Bethlehem and Jenin. Scientists of the world expressed support of the Palestinian National Authority today. Numerous protest actions, meetings, collection of signatures under protest petition, and lectures were held in educational institutions all over the world.

The scientific world thinks that the ideas recently suggested by the European Commission, namely economic sanctions on Israeli goods, is very effective pressure on the Israel leadership. Scientists will boycott Israeli colleagues and their researches. They also say that Israeli scientists and experts should not to be allowed to conduct international and regional scientific projects, should not be granted the exchange of information necessary for scientific experiments, reasearch should be suspended, etc.

Dmitry Litvinovich PRAVDA.Ru

Translated by Maria Gousseva

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