Argentina: Dramatic scenario. The country is in God’s hands

The situation in the country cannot be more explosive: the social and economical crisis have broke the thin equilibrium between political forces and seriously threatens the continuity of the current Government. In short and suggestive declarations to the press, President Eduardo Duhalde expressed that he would resign if does not receive support from the Congress to pass crucial laws this week. He also declares that, by Friday, banks will reopen, the national financial system does not operate since Monday, and if the new legislation is not in force, then “God will decide what is going to happen."

However, it seems like God will not help this time. The IMF will not send money to Argentina, because the South American country “is not of geopolitical interest of the US foreign policy," according to its functionaries. Furthermore, the international banks will not send funds to back the dramatic withdrawal of deposits registered since last November. Social plans are not running and have left half of the population unattended on basic needs.

As per the latest news – while writing this article – half of the National Cabinet resigned Tuesday afternoon, including the Economic Minister, and the situation turned more uncertain. A bomb-threat interrupted a parliament session, and the new legislation is not going to be ready this week, as per the lastest reports.

The streets remain in a tense calm awaiting for news from the Official Institutions. There is no money in the ATM’s, and the lack of financial services make it almost impossible to even buy food.

Argentine crisis part 2 has just started…

Hernan Etchaleco PRAVDA.Ru Argentina

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