Americans bomb Taliban with money

The American military command again used the know-how, which was used for the first time in February of the current year. At that time several troop-carriers of the US Air Force were throwing envelopes above the eastern territories of Afghanistan. Each envelope contained George Bush’s picture and a hundred-dollar note. Now this action has been repeated.

In this case the planes were “bombing” the area of the town of Spinbuldak, which is located on the borderline with Pakistan. However, there were no US dollars in the envelopes, but the local currency – Afghani. There was a huge amount of money dropped from the planes, but the Afghan people did not get a change to get much: Afghanis do not cost anything now. There were some lucky people, who managed to catch almost 800 thousand Afghanis – this is equal to $20.

Needless to mention, the American military command did not give any comments on that. Nevertheless, it is not hard to guess, what was Americans’ goal. The Taliban, Mullah Omar and Bin Laden enjoy the great support amid the local population of the eastern part of Afghanistan. So Americans started throwing money away in order to make their task (catching those terrorists) at least a little bit easier. Of course, such “money bombing” is a part of the psychological war against what is left of Taliban and al-Qaida. But the American military men do not have to hope for super success from this kind of actions. Maybe some Afghan people improved their financial position, but one should not count for their gratitude.

Vasily Bubnov PRAVDA.Ru

Translated by Dmitry Sudakov

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