Armenian professor: The United Kingdom should return golden treasure to Armenia

Erevan professor of History of Science Suren Aivazian is preparing a great surprise for the authorities and the population of the United Kingdom: he is going to sent to Queen Elizabeth II a letter, demanding to return Kilikia treasures to Armenia. “In 1378 king of Armenian Kilikia Levon VI Rubinian deposited a gold treasure to the king of England Edward III. According to the agreement, signed by them, the treasury was to be returned to Armenia after the reestablishment of its State system. In order not to return the gold, England has been putting obstacles in the way of this process for 600 years . For the time being the Armenian State system is re-established. Is not it time to return the treasury?”, the message says. Besides, basing on his own researches, Aivazian makes an interesting conclusion: it turns out that Anglo-Saxons come from the region Angl-tun, province Fourth Armenia, territory Great Armenia. Therefore Armenian ruler, following the ancient tradition, deposited the treasure to the King of England. By the way, the name of the dynasty Windsor means in Armenian “vineyard ravine”, where forefathers of the current British Queen lived. The professors hopes for the positive reply and does not rule out that Luis Lusinian, king Levon’s descendant, living in London now, will help him.

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