US Allies In Europe Deem It Inexpedient To Annihilate ABM Treaty

U.S. NATO allies in Europe deem it inexpedient to annihilate the 1972 ABM /Antiballistic Missile/ Treaty, and believe that it should be preserved for the sake of European security. Alexander Kalita, member of the Federation Council's security and defence committee, said as much at a press conference in Moscow Tuesday. Alexander Kalita has returned from Berlin--the venue of the Assembly of the WEU /West European Union/'s session highlighting the new concept of the European security. At the Assembly Russia was represented by three Duma deputies, three members of the Federation Council, and one deputy chief of the General Staff Valery Manilov. According to Kalita, the Russian delegates emphasised the need to preserve the ABM Treaty. We have pointed out that the sources of threats, which the US cite as the reason for its decision to deploy the NMD system, are far-fetched, noted the senator. Besides, the Russian MPs placed in doubt the expediency for the new concept of European security to be based solely upon the US support. According to the senator, at the Assembly's session Valery Manilov indicated that the USSR had fulfilled its obligations to liquidate the Warsaw Treaty and stop testing nuclear weapons, whereas there has been no reciprocal measures on the part of the US and NATO. Alexander Kalita stressed that not only Russian delegates but also European representatives had opted for upgrading the European security system by means of consultations. The new European security concept cannot be drafted without Russia, he believes.

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