Genetic experiments with humans. Results are unpredictable

A serious row arouse in the West. Supporter and opponents of genetic modifications are fighting in the press. The reason of this scientific fight is the fact that already more then 30 children were born with modified genes. The information about genetic experiments did not belong to the public. But after these experiments have ended with success – as many scientists suppose -we can discuss it. One of the laboratories which conducted genetic manipulations is the Institute of Reproductive Medicine in New Jersey. The scientists of this Institute tried to work out a method to treat woman’s infertility: the donated mithochondria from a healthy woman were transplanted in the ovule of the infertile woman. The children that were born as a result of such experiments had both parental and donated genes – the change of genetic code was confirmed by laboratory studies. There are opponents of such experiments in the whole world. The manipulations with human genotype are forbidden in most countries. The opponents have two arguments – the ethical and the scientific one. It is not completely clear which consequences these genetic changes can bring about, that is a scientific aspect of the problem. The ethical aspect is: the consequences of the experiments can become apparent only in many years and generations on. Probably grandsons of these newborn children will pay for the audacious experiments with genotype. Lord Winston, one of the founders of infertility treatment has a very hard position about experiments with genes. BBC quotes his statement: “There is no proof that we can treat infertility with such methods. I am very surprised that such experiment was conducted on this stage. It would be impossible in Britain.” Lord Winston things, that even the principle of experiment is not correct from ethical point of view. American scientists suppose, that their experiments were successful. “It was the first case when healthy children were born with the changed genetic code”, was said in the report published in the scientific magazine “Human Reproduction”. Though the position of British expert cannot be ignored. There are still white spots in genetics. So the consequences of such experiments are unpredictable.

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