The toxic texan on his first 100 days in office: “Pretty darn good”

“Pretty darn good” is the erudite manner in which George W. Bush, the Toxic Texan, so-called because of his non-policy on protecting the world’s environment, sums up his first 100 days in office. Pretty darn good…if that is how this gentleman summarises the first 100 days of his administration, we can conclude one of two things: either he is as stupid as he looks, as Fidel Castro pointed out very early on, or he thinks he is making a mockery of us. “Pretty darn good” would not be the right term to apply to the sinking of the Japanese school ship by an irresponsible crew of a US nuclear submarine, making an emergency surfacing at the whim of a few civilians, doubtless in return for political favours. No wonder NASA was against the trip of American citizen Dennis Tito into space, but fortunately, he travelled with Soyuz, not NASA. “Pretty darn good” would also not be the term to use when speaking of the crisis the United States evoked with China, when during a spying mission, the AC-3 aircraft lurched into the path of a Chinese fighter jet and crash-landed on Chinese soil, killing the Chinese pilot, the true tragedy of the whole affair. This incident proves the povocative and intrusive nature of US foreign policy today, backed by the arrogance of an administration which thinks it dominates the globe. “Pretty darn good” would not translate the situation in the Balkans, a situation wholly created by the USA, as Albanian extremists are actively backed and encouraged by Washington, a scam recently exposed by PRAVDA.Ru. “Pretty darn good” would also not be the exact expression to describe the shameful and cowardly performance by US troops in Kosovo, refusing to do night patrols as hundreds of Albanian terrorists poured through the gap left by the US members of NATO’s forces into northern Macedonia, to leave a trail of havoc, death and destruction. The Toxic Texan would like to say that the revoking of the Kyoto Protocol was “pretty darn good”, when he created a wave of indignation around the world first by reneging on an internationally assumed position by the previous administration and secondly for showing a callous disregard for environmental issues, preferring the economy of his own wealthy country to helping developing generations of humanity, consigned to a life of poverty through the imperialist policies of his own country and its sycophantic allies. President Bush’s declarations on his environmental non-policy could indeed be classified as “pretty darn good”…on a comedian’s stage or taken from a circus clown. “I have a very clear strategy for the environment” Yes, Mr. President? What is it, please? “We are using common sense to defend the environment”, precisely, in the absence of any common sense in the USA, the environment is a non-issue and a non-policy in this administration…pretty darn good. “Pretty darn good” would not describe the chaotic energy situation in California, for instance, with large portions of the population not having access to electricity, a situation which is expected to continue at least until September. “Pretty darn good” would not be the phrase used by American citizens tainted by the Toxic Texan, who refuses to reduce arsenic levels in water because it is too expensive. Finally, as the USA prepares to break yet another agreement, the 1972 Anti-Ballistic Missile Treaty, by initiating a missile defence shield over the USA and covering the country’s “allies”, “pretty darn good” is not the expression which springs to mind. The first 100 days of the tenure of President George Walter Bush, the Toxic Texan, in the White House have been fraught with shameful flouting of international law, breaking of agreements and promises, a hawkish upgrading of the tension around the world and a total absence of political acumen. One does not know whether to blame George Bush or his Vice President, Richard Cheney, better known as “Dick”. Pretty darn good…


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