Soyuz TM-32 Spaceship's Crew Enter International Space Station

The crew of the spaceship Soyuz TM-32 have entered the International Space Station. The RIA Novosti correspondent reports that at 13:30, Moscow time, on Monday the port between the spaceship Soyuz TM-32 and the Russian module Zarya of the International Space Station was unlatched. The first to float into the module was ship commander Talgat Musabaev, followed by first-ever space tourist Dennis Tito with Yuri Baturin making up the rear. The second stay-in crew of the International Space Station, led by Russian cosmonaut Yuri Usachev, embraced the newcomers. Now a joint flight of the ISS host crew and the short-term expedition has begun. The RIA Novosti correspondent reports from the Russian Mission Control Center that, before the latch of the docking port was opened, air-tight connection between the two docked space bodies was checked, the common system of electric wiring of the spaceship and the station checked, atmospheric pressure between the spaceship and the Russian module Zarya, to which the spaceship is now docked, was equalised. Many journalists have been gathered in the Mission Control Center. All are asking how the ISS is welcoming Dennis Tito, which is not a professional astronaut. The RIA Novosti correspondent was told by a knowledgeable source at the Mission Control Center that Dennis Tito did not get easily acclimatised to zero gravity: in the first two days of flight to the station he was often sick. "This as a rule happens to those who are for the first time flying into space", said the specialist. "Human body feels the state of loss of habitual terrestrial gravity as something alien and reacts to it in own this way. Human body gives to understand to the brain that the man is found in a totally different environment". In days following after it has found itself in zero gravity, human body tries to adapt itself to the new conditions and the man's physical conditions becomes normalised, said the source.

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