Communists against tycoons

It may seem that during last decade our nation have got used to everything. However the action, scheduled for the 1 of May can shock any cynic. According to Russian Communists’ leader Gennady Ziuganov, columns of communists will go out for the demonstration… against oligarchy. The epoch, when communists went out for demonstrations against Boris Yeltsin and his “accomplices”, has passed. Therefore new motto is required. Boris Nemtsov, one of the leaders of the Union of Right-Wing Forces, has a reason to be upset: in the epoch of his fighting against tycoons, nobody went out for demonstrations. Among other slogans of the protesters are: “Russia, learn Moldavian and Belarussian!”, “No rise in prices!”. But this is nothing in comparison with a crossed out picture of Berezovsky in the hands of an old woman…

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Author`s name Editorial Team