reveals name behind Balkans crisis: a United States congressman

PRAVDA.Ru exposes the lie behind the USA’s illegal campaign against Yugoslavia and names the face behind the heinous acts of terrorism perpetrated by Albanian extremists in the Balkans : he is the United States Congressman Eliot Engel. PRAVDA.Ru has been releasing information about alleged influence by the United States in the Balkans crisis and has reported that Albanian terrorists have been “wined and dined” by US congressmen. The plot behind the United States of America’s attempt to destabilise the European continent is now revealed. Together with US Senator McConnell of Kentucky, the US Congressman elected by the 17th Congressional District, Eliot Engel, has been responsible for blocking aid to Yugoslavia and encouraging Albanian terrorism in Kosovo and Macedonia, creating notions of a “Greater Albania” in the Balkans, in return for an added value tool for destabilising the European continent and without doubt, personal gain from this intrusion. The demonology against Yugoslavia was led by these two gentlemen, as they claimed that ethnic cleansing in Bosnia, mass murders in Croatia and extermination of Albanians in Kosovo had occurred. The truth of the matter is, that these claims are lies and these lies led the USA to instigate NATO to launch an illegal, criminal attack on Yugoslavia, in which numerous civilian lives were lost. The “death camps” in Bosnia were later found to be feeding centres for dislocated civilians, forced by western journalists to stand outside the barbed wire fences, to be filmed from within, to create the idea of a concentration camp. The claims that “ethnic cleansing” took place in Croatia and Kosovo are also gross exaggerations perpetrated by NATO-led reports, exposed by newspapers in NATO countries, along with PRAVDA.Ru, revealing the scam. The reports that mass murders had taken place in the Trepca mines were exposed by the New York Times, on 1999/11/11 as being nonsense, while NATO’s claims that 100,000 Albanians had been killed by the Serbs in Kosovo were denied by the Guardian newspaper on 2000/08/18, in a report which reduced the number of dead to 3,000 - many of whom were killed by strafing from NATO planes. NATO claimed 744 successful “hits” by their air force during the illegal bombing campaign against Yugoslavia. Further investigation reveals just 58, including the Chinese Embassy in Belgrade. It was clear during this campaign that the Serbs, while not using their Air Force openly, had managed to move one step ahead of NATO. The much-vaunted NATO military IT system had already been penetrated by Yugoslav technicians, rendering attacks by NATO warplanes hopeless. Further deploying tactics by the Yugoslav Army, using banks of microwaves to attract NATO missile log-on systems, induced error. Whipped into a fury, especially after NATO planes strafed a column of Albanian refugees, NATO started to bomb indiscriminately, hitting power supplies and any public utilities within reach. These attacks did not harm the Yugoslav military. They harmed kindergartens, third age homes, hospitals and civilian residences. Such attacks would amount to war crimes, if the stipulations of UN resolutions were applied in a uniform manner. As NATO countries tried to whip up public opinion against Yugoslavia, various lies were invented. One of these was “Operation Horseshoe”, reported by the German press and levelled against the Yugoslav authorities, an operation apparently directed at the elimination of the Kosovar Albanians. In an article in the Times on 2000/02/04, a German army general denied the existence of such a plan. The only ethnic cleansing in the region has been perpetrated by the Albanians. Serbian homes have been destroyed, churches hundreds of years old have been desecrated, a cultural loss which will never be recovered. Congressman Eliot Engel is named as the person behind the campaign to denigrate the image of Slobodan Milosevic and to hinder any aid from the US to Yugoslavia, while he courted Albanian extremists in the USA. The result was the bombing of Yugoslavia, made possible only through the negative publicity campaign launched by Congressman Eliot Engel. Comparing Milosevic to Hitler, Pol Pot and Stalin in his website, this man prepared the scene for the misery which was later to descend on the inhabitants of Kosovo. Comfortable in their lives within Yugoslavia, they are reduced to a life of misery. This Congressman Engel has also been instrumental in stirring up trouble in Macedonia, publicly supporting the NLA. The National Liberation Army is made up of Kosovo Liberation Army remnants and other Albanian mafia elements. Declaring itself as “nationalist”, this force has never been afraid to sell its own people into prostitution rings. Engel supported the “Vendlindja Therret” (“The homeland is calling you”) movement in 1999, which sent thousands of armed American-born Albanians into the Balkans. If Congressman Engel looks at page 4 of his US passport (of he has one) he will see that fighting for a foreign army could mean loss of US citizenship. Maybe this gentleman would like to visit the Balkans, namely Kosovo, and to meet the victims of the “Albanian-American Caucus” which he heads. This gentleman is a shame for his Congress, a disgrace for this country and a wanted man in the Balkans. This gentleman, Eliot Engel, is the face behind the Balkans crisis and PRAVDA.Ru has great pleasure in exposing him.


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