Most of politicians can swim. One of them dives

Associated press decided to looked into the exercise regimens of national leaders. It turned out that most politicians prefer swimming, though some of them combine it this other sports. Vladimir Putin goes in for swimming and judo. However AP has not mentioned that he is also fond of skiing. American president George Bush’s exercising involves a battery of gym machines, free weights and a treadmill. Chinese President Jiang Zemin, in spite of his age, 74, swims. Canadian Prime Minister Jean Chretien, 67, is a skier and golfer who took his first snowboarding lesson for his 65th birthday. Finnish President Tarja Halonen, 57 takes an occasional dip in the Baltic Sea through a hole in the ice. Iraqi President Saddam Hussein swam across the Tigris River three times in 1997, at age 60, to show his vigour. Iraqi swimmers now celebrate that day every year.

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