Company manager tortures his nephew

A court in the city of Ulyanovsk has pronounced a sentence to a 44-yearold businessman. Albert Tagirov – that is the businessman’s name –has been accused of kidnapping his own nephew. Mr. Tagirov is deputy director at the Esculap Plus company, In August last year, a radio-recorder was stolen from his Mercedes car. Since the car was parked in the courtyard guarded by a dog, suspicion fell on his nephew who used to visit Mr. Tagirov’s house, so the dog knew him. According to the court’s version, Mr. Tagirov took his son, son-in-law, and one of the firm’s guards, drove his nephew to his house and chained him to a heating pipe. The uncle demanded that his nephew should confess to stealing the radio-recorder and sacrifice his apartment to compensate for it. The nephew did not do that, so the uncle started beating him. It did not help, either. Then the uncle started to torture the nephew using electric current. The nephew did not bear it and said he knew who stole it, pointing to a friend of his. Soon, the latter was conveyed to the house. Luckily, the nephew’s friend proved inventive enough and started to lead Mr. Tagirov and his assistants from one address to another, where the stolen radio-recorder could allegedly be. Having snatched a moment, he escaped and immediately applied to the Department for Fighting Organized Crime. When police rushed into Mr. Tagirov’s house, another torturing session was being in progress there.


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