Founding Congress Of All-Russia Movement Yevrazia Underway In Moscow

A founding congress of the all-Russia political public movement Yevrazia (Eurasia) is currently underway in Moscow. On the eve of the function philosopher and geopolitician Alexander Dugin, chairman of the congress organising committee, told journalists that the forum will be attended by representatives of 52 regional branches of the movement (there are 89 regions in Russia). According to Mr Dugin, the new movement is based on the world-outlook principle and "neo-Eurasian" ideology. He noted that Yevrazia "sticks to the concept of a multi-polar world denying the unipolar globalism of the USA." Mr Dugin stressed that the movement "will undoubtedly support the policy pursued by President Vladimir Putin." He characterised the Yevrazia's political platform as "radical centrism." The Yevrazia leader noted that a spiritual support to the new movement was provided by hierarchs of the Russian Orthodox Church, Muslim clergy and a community of Jews of Russia. "Muslims and Jews are not only our partners, but also our brothers," Mr Dugin concluded.

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