TV-6 holds a funeral

Yesterday TV-6 news service refused to work under the direction of acting editor-in-chief of informational service Grigory Krichevsky. According to the information, obtained by PRAVDA.Ru, TV-6 staff is holding the channel’s funeral today. Nobody doubts that at least TV-6 news service will stay out of work. However the rest of the staff does not create any illusions. Kiseliov needs to place 22 telecasts in TV-6 air. It means that the number of old telecasts will be reduced greatly. On the basis of entertaining channel TV-6 new NTV will be created. “Ether is a drug, and is impossible to stay without it after many years of working on TV. Maybe we will find an opportunity to leave for some other channel…”, one of TV-6 anchorman said to a PRAVDA.Ru correspondent. However there is no place to go now. NTV channel invited TV-6 journalists. However our correspondent found out that for the time being NTV does not hire anybody for outside: NTV current leaders are waiting for the former NTV staff to return. Some TV-6 journalists will try to leave for RTR channel. It is still unclear what will the others do. For the time being none of TV-6 employees is fired. The journalists will be forced out from the channel by other means: broadcasts will be cancelled, and, consequently, journalists, who prepared them will have to leave. Such a way of “dismissal” is widespread in Russia now.

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