Trade union as know-how of detectives

Trade union of detectives was founded in Novosibirsk. It was announced at a press conference today that Siberian district trade union of detectives had been registered at the Regional Department of Justice. However the leaders of the trade union decided to keep the number of their associates in secret. According to them, it should be explained by the fact that the organisation “has just been launched”. The organisation has a lot of important targets. First of all, the policeman are displeased because they often have to work day and night without getting extra money for it. The other fact, worrying them is the incident then policemen, returned from Chechnya, had to file a legal action in order to get their fees. PRAVDA.Ru wrote about it the other day. The only employer of policemen is the state. And the only way for our state employees to voice their dissatisfaction is a strike. However police is banned to go on strike. Leaders of the new trade union want to improve this situation. According to them, there are legal ways to strive for improvement of their conditions of work. Unfortunately, they failed to say, which ones. PRAVDA.Ru correspondent asked a high-rank official of the Main Headquarters of Internal Ministry to clear up the situation. “About twenty trade unions of such kind were founded in every region of Russia over last years. They arise and disappear very quickly. As a matter of fact, all of these organisations are unlawful. Because there must be one-man management both in police and in the army. There is a commander, there is an order, and it must be performed. What will happen if orders of the commander and the trade unions differs? What will we come to then? There are trade unions everywhere, in every field. But it does not concern people, who wear uniform. Therefore I think that the Novosibirsk trade union is a temporary phenomenon. As regards operation “Vikhr-antiterror” (“whirlwind-counter-terror”), when policemen have to work day and night, the state began pay off extra-money to its performers recently.

Irina Burakova

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