Russia can get up to 4.5 billion dollars annually from arms, munitions sales

In a few years to come Russia can annually gain between 4.2 and 4.5 billion dollars from the sale of arms and military hardware, later upping the sum to 5 billion. This viewpoint was voiced at today's press conference by Boris Kuzyk, director general of the Russian holding New Programme and Concept. He recalled that in 2000 the Russian arms and military hardware sales volume made 3.8 billion dollars. Kuzyk said that such a prospect will make Russia rank second among the leading arms exporting countries on the world market, which is estimated at 25-30 billion American dollars. The holding's director general said that there were now three "players" on the world arms market -- the United States, Western Europe and Russia. The country will find it promising to establish military-technical cooperation (MTC) in the European direction with such countries as Germany, France and, possibly, the United Kingdom. In the southern direction, an alliance with China and India could be promising for Russia in the sphere of MTC cooperation; promising arms markets can be China, India, Iran, Egypt and Algeria. Kuzyk high appraised the MTC reform, carried through by Russian President Vladimir Putin last year. This structure is optimal now, Kuzyk said. To him, the main direction of improving the MTC system is formation of strong integrated structures with state, mixed and private property. With tough state control they would be entitled to reach and work on the world arms market in coordination with the Rosoboronexport Co. Creation of such closely integrated structures would ensure combining the interests of enterprises, regions and the federal center, believes the director general of the holding New Programme and Concept.

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