Palestinian-Israeli conflict dramatically worsens

Last night, the Israeli air force heavily attacked a number of military installations on so-called A-territories in Gaza strip controlled by Palestinians. Helicopters, warships, and armoured vehicles were involved in the assault. A rocket attack was launched against the base of the Force-17 elite unit responsible for the security of Yasser Arafat, the head of the Palestinian administration, the Palestinian police building, and also navy installations at Dir El-Balakh. By estimation, 17 Palestinians were seriously wounded as a result of the attack. The Israeli army officials assert the assault was launched in retaliation for 5 mortar volleys made by Palestinian extremists on the Israeli territory. Currently, the Israeli infantry has blocked roads and 3 districts in Gaza. The city of Gaza has also been blocked, as well as Palestinian refugee camps located new the Egyptian border. It is 3d case of such an intrusion over the last week. Palestinian public security chief Major General Abdel-Razek al-Majaydeh described the Israeli bombardment as the most violent attack on the Gaza Strip in seven months. " Our spirit will not be crushed by of the Zionist aggressor, and the Palestinian people will continue fighting for its liberation.” In view of the latest developments, a meeting between the Israeli and Palestinian security services, scheduled on April 17th, is cancelled.

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