Lesson for the Toxic Texan

The Toxic Texan, better known as George W. Bush, has stated recently that there is no scientific evidence linking the emission of GEG (Greenhouse Effect Gases) with global warming, a phenomenon which threatens to change the world’s climate and to create massive floods which will be critical for coastal cities around the world in the next two decades. Pravda.Ru has pointed out that there is reliable documentation in the United Nations building in New York, proving that GEG emission and global warming walk hand-in-hand. Now that the Toxic Texan continues to refuse to stand by the international treaties which his country signed, namely the Protocol of Kyoto, new evidence is released by another team of top scientists. The ToxicTexan would be well advised to read the documentation available, since the USA is the world’s greatest polluter, and to take the appropriate measures. It is not the skies of Texas which will be clouded over, but the whole world. Recent studies published in “Science” magazine show that the temperature of the world’s oceans has risen over the last 50 years, in unison with the increased emission of GEG. Two recent studies have proved that atmospherical temperature rises have been accompanied by rises in the temperature of the seas. This evidence appears exactly when the US administration, led by the ToxicTexan, George W. Bush, refuses to cut its emission of GEG because such an act would damage the US economy. The argument is that the developing countries should do more to cut their GEG emission. Comparing the economies of developing countries with that of the USA amounts to little less than barefaced scorn, total lack of respect and an absence of tact which the Bush camp was accused of as it plied for office in the courts of Florida. It is a fact that the USA uses and abuses its contacts around the world as it penetrates, violates and destroys the national economies it comes into contact with…all in the name of democracy. While it is known that the Bush administration is powered by the motor called Richard Cheney, the leader of the energy lobby, it is also known that the Toxic Texan practises ecological methods on his own farm back home. Maybe it is time for the President to call his Vice by his other name, Dick.


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Author`s name Editorial Team