A jail found in businessman’s office

Police have found a real prison at the office belonging to one of businessmen in the Siberian city of Omsk. The businessman was suspected of illegal possession of arms. The operatives were not much surprised to have found a grenade, guns, and ammunition. And yet, they were quite amazed to discover in the office’s depth a cage, 4 square metres in size, welded of armature. The investigators have ascertained that the businessman used this installation as a prison for those “guilty.” For example, 2 construction workers were held there some months ago. They had renovated his apartment, but the businessman did not like the quality of the work and claimed damages. The workers ignored the claim, but soon found themselves “behind bars.” The investigators suspect the self-styled prison was built for the purposes of extortion, and the above workers may not have been the only victims. According to the Vyorsty newspaper, the businessman himself is currently being held in custody in one of public prisons in Omsk.

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