Satanist tries to kill 7 on Friday, 13th of April

22-year-old Alexey Pomoikin arranged a “night of sacrifice” in the Russia’s town of Biysk, Altai territory. “I’ve heard a voice, telling me: kill 7 persons tonight, and you will be rewarded by me! It was a voice of Prince of the Darkness”, said the criminal during the interrogation. Friday night, 13, this “follower if Satanism” drank a lot, took a knife, stopped a passer-by in the street and proposed him to drink on together. They came to the man’s flat, but his wife refused to receive the night guest. Then Pomoikin took out the knife and wounded the host of the flat, who died after that. Then he stroke the hostess. The woman fell unconscious. Pomoikin took her jewels and raped her. In half an hour he stabbed another woman in the street. But she managed to break away and to escape. After that he rushed into one more flat, there an elderly couple and their 35-year-old son lived. He failed to kill them and run away. He was detained by police later. None of Satanist organisations recognised his as its member, RIA Novosti reports. Severe punishment awaits him, local prosecutor’s aide said. It will be added, that the villain’s surname “Pomoikin” comes from the Russian word “pomoika” which means “rubbish heap”.

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