Russian communists elaborate their tactics after the merging of centrist forces

The second plenum of the central committee and central control-auditing commission of the communist party of Russia will complete its work in the Moscow settlement of Rakovo on Saturday. The main question on the agenda is devoted to the consolidation of the party, improvement of forms and methods of party organisations' work in the light of the decisions of the 7th communist party congress. The communist party chairman Gennady Zyuganov declared that communists will discuss at the plenum the tactics of the communist party in a new situation on the political scene of the country, which obtained after the recent decision on the merging of the centrist Fatherland movement with the pro-government Unity movement. Observers point out that the leaders of the Russian communist party regard this step of the centrist forces as "manoeuvres of the Kremlin, aimed at creating the guided party structures." Deputy chairman of the central committee of the Russian communist party Valentin Kuptsov pointed to the need of strengthening the party's cadres for "a long and difficult struggle for the restoration of socialism." He also called on to "a planned enlargement of the network of primary party organisations, intensification of the mass work of the party outside parliament and preservation of the street struggle tradition." It should be mentioned that speaker of the State Duma (the lower house of parliament) Gennady Seleznev, who was criticised by his party comrades-in-arms did not take part in the work of the plenum.

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