World Health Organisation demands cheaper medicines for developing countries

The title of this article portrays a situation which raises suspicions that multinational pharmaceutical companies are extracting vast profits from developing countries, instead of performing the decent social act of helping the populations. Recently it was reported that certain multinationals had refused to sell their products more cheaply to poorer countries, instead preferring to complain against the practice of using generic drugs (much cheaper than the market leaders produced by the top pharmaceutical companies), knowing at the same time that the populations of these countries could never afford to buy their medicines. Now the World Health Organisation defends the application of different price policies for different populations in different economic situations. The treatment in question is not for a simple case of the common cold. These medicines are for AIDS and other serious diseases. At present, those who have the money, have access. Those who do not have the money to buy these products, do not. The result is predictable. The WHO takes measures to normalise the situation around the world as the multinationals once again regard the bottom line as the main objective of the year’s activity. This demonstrates a total lack of responsibility but is unfortunately a constant part of modern business administration courses.


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