Orthodox priest: euthanasia is a legalised murder

Upper chamber of Dutch parliament voted for legalisation of euthanasia. Holland became the first and the only country in the world, there this act of mercy is allowed. 46 deputes voted for the draft, only 1 voted against, 28 abstained from voting. In the deputes’ opinion, euthanasia, i. e., killing of the incurable patient at his desire, is not a crime. Protest actions took place in many cities and towns of the country. Vladimir Vigilyansky, a priest of St Tatiana Church in Moscow, told PRAVDA.Ru journalist that “what was done in Holland is legalisation of a murder. Unfortunately, it is a natural result of extreme secularisation, which our world came to in the beginning of the 21 century. People even do not admit the possibility that they were created by God. Accepting of euthanasia completely denies the fact that God gives us our lives and decides when to take them back. Believer, whether he is Christian, Muslim or Jew, will never agree with this law.” We would remind to you that the Netherlands have already legalised prostitution, using of mild drugs and homosexual marriages.

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