Ukrainian cabinet stands little chance

Rallies are taking place in Ukraine to support the Victor Yushchenko government. The rallies are organized by the Civil Initiative association and a number of right-leaning political parties, including UNA-UNSO, Reformy i Poryadok (Reforms and Order), Batkiwshchina (the Fatherland). The Ukrainian government is soon to report back to the parliament of how it has been implementing its programme Reforms for Wellbeing’s Sake. And this reporting may well end in the cabinet’s resignation. At least, the Ukrainian communists are reportedly planning to vote for the resignation of the existing cabinet - they are against the regime as a whole, including President Kuchma). And they do not seem confused that in doing so they play the same game with various oligarchic factions who want Prime Minister Yushchenko to step down for various reasons. Much will depend on the stance taken by President Kuchma who is being pressurized to grant some of presidential powers to the parliament. Mr. Yushchenko, too, is sure to concede to some cabinet replacements, if he wants to stay. Anyway, many analysts think this government stands little chance to hold out.


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