Timothy Bancroft-Hinchey: Albanians protected by international community

The Albanian extremists have been wreaking havoc in the Balkans since they were funded, clothed, trained and armed by pernicious foreign powers, the USA being first and foremost in this attempt to subvert Eastern European stability. However, they continue to be the darlings of western European powers, despite a continuing history of acts of savagery. As Macedonian police arrest 18 suspected members of the Ushtria Clirimtare Kombatetur (NLA in Macedonia), in possession of large numbers of arms, the Albanian political parties in the country threaten to react by leaving the government coalition. This comes days after Robin Cook, the British Foreign Minister, visited Skopje, where he stated that the Macedonian authorities had to agree to the legitimate demands of the Albanians. The Party of Democratic Prosperity, for instance, said it would “freeze its relations with the government. The young Albanians, members of the National Liberation Army, or merely its supporters, should not have been arrested, but fully integrated into the system”. Integrating heavily armed terrorists into a system must evidently only happen in Albania, a country whose state systematically breaks down into chaos. The Mayor of Tetovo even accused the Macedonian police of heavy-handedness. However incredible it may seem, the Albanians continue to enjoy the protection of the international community. The International Crisis Group has issued a report entitled “The Macedonian Issue – Reform or Rebellion?” in which it requests the Slavic majority in Macedonia to integrate the Albanians into their society. PRAVDA.Ru recently revealed the great degree of autonomy that the Albanians have in Macedonia, namely their own schools, cultural institutions and political parties. This report goes on to reveal the continuing intrusive nature of the western countries behind it. It puts in question the legitimacy of recent elections in Macedonia, claims that the recent population census is inaccurate and complains about the corruption in the Macedonian political system. It is inconceivable that this report can have been elaborated by balanced and objective observers. Once again, it is a shameful admission by western countries that all they have to offer the world is arrogance and ignorance. Reports such as this one written by the ICG are not worth the paper they are written on because they are biased, badly written and inaccurate.


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