NTV to be seized by force?

Today’s attempt of Gazprom-Media to settle a conflict of NTV journalists and its new leaders resulted in a new action of protest. NTV informational site greets its visitors with a headline: “THE AUTHORITIES ARE GOING TO SEIZE NTV”. The article is illustrated with a picture, apparently taken from some film about war: thousands of soldiers, wearing helmets, making their way to the enemy’s emplacement. The capture may happen one of these days, probably, even tonight, NTV reports, citing a source in the Federal Security Service (FSB). “FSB officials received an order to stay at their posts and to be ready to maintain the force action in Ostankino”, the source reported. The source does not give any other details of the possible operation. The reports of the NTV sources appeared in an hour after it had become known that the conciliatory commission had been dissolved. According to the spokesmen of both sides, they have not come to any agreement. NTV journalists announced that they do not admit the power of Gazprom-Media and think that the stockholders' meeting was illegitimate. As regards representatives as Gazprom-Media, their position is still the same, too. For example, Alexander Kazakov, a member of Gazprom delegation, said that the climate in NTV reminded to him a concentration camp of Stalin’s epoch, where terror reigns.

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