AIDS patient gangs terrorize Siberian town

AIDS patients deliberately try to infect their fellow citizens in the miners’ town Prokopyevsk in the Kemerovo Region (Kuzbass), according to local police. Those malefactors are inventive enough. For example, an AIDS patient may scratch his or her finger till it bleeds and then “inadvertantly” scoop up a handful of sunflower seeds from a street vendor’s open sack, hoping his or her contaminated blood will stay on the seeds and eventually enter some customer’s body. One you can infect your partner at a discotheque – an AIDS patient takes a needle, soaks it with his or her blood and pricks somebody in a hurly-burly. Or you can just spit into a passer-by’s face – your saliva may somehow enter the targeted person’s body this way, too. Kuzbass doctors say several people may have already contracted the disease by the unconventional means. Police say AIDS patients have formed gangs of sorts. According to Vyorsty newspape, those “gangsters,” having contracted the fatal disease themselves, now are keen to infect as many people as possible – “in revenge.”

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