Russian parliamentarian: normal, natural reforming, mentioned by President yesterday, will not do: he acts as a revolutionist

PRAVDA.RU journalist asked member of Federation Council Sergey Riabukhin to express his opinion on Vladimir Putin’s yesterday message:

"In fact, President’s proposals imply modification of some clauses of the Constitution. And I am all for it. I also think that the suggestion that the federal budget should be divided in two parts in very interesting. Such measure will provoke severe modification of Budget, Tax and Civil Codes. This is a revolutionary approach. To my opinion, it is not bad. It will force the state to take part in economic process. During the last decade the state has been keeping itself aloof from it. The president has noted that annual capital outflow from Russia averages $ 20 billion. Therefore there is no real opportunity for investing money in our economy. It is necessary to stop this process and create normal conditions for investment. I am pleased with the President’s words that the State should increase the maintenance of the defence establishment. We hope that the national debts will be paid off and the military industrial plants will obtain necessary sum of money."

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