State Duma Depute: there are politicians in Russia, who pose as Louis XIV

PRAVDA. Ru journalist asked State Duma depute Yaroslav Shvirayev to comment on the Vladimir Putin’s Address to the RF Federal Assembly:

What is your impression of the President’s message?

“In my opinion, the message is consistent, it attracted the attention of the audience. However the attitude of the audience towards the question of budget was not similar. When the president raised the question of Labour Tax, the buzz began in the hall. Left-wingers did not approved the President’s proposals. But I agree with his point of view”. Do you think that in his message the President opened subjects, concerning the life of Russia’s regions, in particular, your region, Chita? “The President has said that a special order of the financial management may be introduced in the subsidy regions. 70 % of Russian regions belong to this category.”

Aren’t you afraid that this way the federal centre may put pressure upon Russian regions?

"Yes, I am. I understand that money needs management. But look, what’s going on in the government now! There are politicians in Rssia, who pose as Louis XIV. It is rather dangerous."

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