A Mercedes car hit by a horse

There are many jokes in Russia describing the Mercedes-600 luxurious car owner being outwitted by the modest motorist driving a shabby Zaporozhets. The serial may be complemented now by yet another story which really took place the other day in Novosibirsk – a large city in the heart of Siberia. A Mercedes stopped on read lights. Tailing it, there stopped a horse pulling a cart. A tractor, which had been parked quietly at the roadside, suddenly gave a deep roar. The scared house pranced and slumped on the Mercedec’s boot. As a result, the Mercedes was caused a damaged estimated at Rbs17,000. Further account settling between the carter and the Mercedes owner are left off protocol.

INNA SEMYONOVA using the Vecherni Novosibirsk newspaper material

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