Former KGB general, living in USA, can stand trial for divulging state secret

Former KGB general Oleg Kalugin, who has been living in the USA for several years and is still remaining a citizen of Russia, can be put to trial for divulging “state secret”. The action against Mr. Kalugin will be brought, if living in the USA former UN employee Sergey Tretiakov and missing in Canada Russian diplomat Yevgeniy Toropov, had really worked for Russian intelligence service. According to Russian legislation, the information about intelligence, including the names of its workers, is a state secret and must not be divulged by anybody but official spokesmen, such as leaders and officers of press service. But both American and Canadian official instances (not to mention Russian) have not confirmed the press reports that two former Russian diplomats belong to the secret service. Though American mass media wrote a lot about Tretiakov last fall finding some link between him and secrete service, at the same time there was only one small article about Toropov, without mentioning his name. This Russian diplomat has suddenly vanished with his family, even without taking his things. The location of the Toropovs is still unknown. Veterans of Russian secret service suppose, that Kalugin has some reasons to connect these two cases with the recent spy scandal in the USA. Kalugin, who likes to pose as an independent expert on the field of secret service, probably fulfils a certain order, betraying his colleges.

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